What is Parging?

What on Earth is Parging?

Parging, my friends, is like putting on a coat of super-protection for your foundation. Picture this: it’s a thin layer of mortar or cement mixture that gets slapped onto your foundation walls. But it’s not just there to look good – it’s got some serious super-strengths!

The Super-Strengths  of Parging:

  1. Weather Resistance: You know how superheroes battle against evil villains? Well, parging battles against Mother Nature’s wrath! Rain, snow, ice, and temperature fluctuations are no match for this mighty layer. It shields your foundation, ensuring it doesn’t crack or crumble under the pressure. Take that, nature!
  2. Insulation, the Super Snuggler: Parging isn’t just about looking cool; it’s a master of thermal insulation. Think of it as a cozy blanket wrapped around your home’s foundation. It keeps the warmth inside during chilly winters and makes sure your place stays comfortably cool during scorching summers. Saving energy and feeling snug? Talk about a win-win!
  3. Aesthetics that Turn Heads: Now, here’s where parging gets fancy. Not only does it save the day with its powers, but it also adds a touch of style to your foundation. It’s like giving your foundation a fabulous makeover! Parging comes in different flavors – smooth, textured, or even decorative. You can choose a look that matches your personality or complements your home’s architecture. Who knew your foundation could be such a trendsetter?
  4. Aqua Armor: Parging isn’t afraid to dive into battle against water infiltration! No more worries about water sneaking into your basement and wreaking havoc. This superhero layer forms a waterproof barrier, protecting your foundation and preventing the dreaded dampness, mold, and structural instability. Take that, moisture!

Unveiling the Parging Process:

  1. Prep Time, Foundation Edition: The foundation walls go through a thorough cleaning, bidding adieu to dirt, loose stuff, and any previous coatings. It’s like giving your foundation a spa day before the parging superhero arrives!
  2. Mixing Magic: Our skilled contractor dons the parging cape and mixes mortar or cement with just the right amount of sand, water, and bonding agents. It’s like creating a secret formula in a lab – only this time, it’s for saving foundations!
  3. Let the Parging Begin: With a trowel or spray gun in hand, our superhero contractor starts applying the parging mixture like a pro. They work their way from the bottom, going up like a determined climber conquering Mount Everest. The thickness of the layer varies depending on the desired outcome – it’s all about giving your foundation that extra oomph!
  4. Finishing Flair: The final touch-ups are like the icing on the superhero cake! Whether it’s a smooth finish or a textured design, our parging hero ensures your foundation looks fantastic. It’s like putting on the perfect bow tie before heading out to save the world.


There you have it, folks – the world of parging, where foundations have mighty super-strengths! It’s not just about protecting your home’s base; it’s about adding style, insulation, and superheroic strength. So, give your foundation the treatment it deserves and let parging be the hero that saves the day. Your foundation will thank you, and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with the coolest-looking base on the block. Parging to the rescue!

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This is what parging looks like after it's been repaired or installed.