Woodpecker Damage on Stucco

Have you heard a knocking sound coming from outside your house, but no one is at the door? It might be a woodpecker! This is a common issue for Calgary homeowners. Woodpeckers love to peck at stucco on houses, condos, and buildings in Calgary. They are attracted to stucco because of its hard exterior. Woodpeckers will make dozens of holes in the stucco on your home if they’re not stopped. ECO-Max Construction is an expert at repairing stucco damage caused by woodpeckers.

Why Do Woodpeckers Love Stucco?

When woodpeckers peck on stucco, it makes a similar sound to when they peck on wood. It has a hollow sound that they find attractive. Woodpeckers often use this pecking sound to signal to other woodpeckers that this is their territory. Once woodpeckers discover that they can peck through stucco, they continue doing it until they have created a hole. Woodpeckers love to use these holes as nice, cozy, nests. This means trouble for homeowners as these holes and nests in the stucco on the exterior of your home can be tricky to repair and can lead to extensive damage.

Woodpecker Holes in EIFS Stucco

Woodpeckers will peck holes in both traditional and EIFS stucco. EIFS stucco is a very popular exterior cladding for your home as it is very durable and energy efficient. Woodpeckers will create holes in the exterior of the EIFS stucco that will allow moisture to enter between the exterior barrier and the interior materials of the EIFS stucco. This can lead to water damage and other issues such as mould development.

Woodpeckers tend to peck holes close to the eaves of your roof and the trim on your home. They prefer areas that are more secluded.

Repairing Stucco that has Been Damaged by Woodpeckers

Contact ECO-Max Construction immediately if your suspect that you have stucco damage. It’s important to repair the stucco immediately as the holes that have been created by woodpeckers can let water and pests get into the stucco. These holes will get larger over time and create more problems.

The expert stucco contractors at ECO-Max Construction are experiences in stucco repair. They will assess the damaged stucco and will give you a free estimate for repair. Call today to learn more about the stucco repair Calgary loves!

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