Should You Repair Stucco in the Winter?

The winter in Calgary can be long – very long. Home repairs can be urgent and can’t wait for spring. ECO-Max Construction provides quality stucco repair during Calgary’s harsh winters. We will visit your property and will determine what stucco repair needs to be completed and will give you a free estimate.

How Does It Work?

To properly repair stucco throughout the winter, you need a source of heat. It is essential for water to evaporate during the application process. This can be challenging when it’s -30c outside. Stucco needs a warm, dry environment to prevent it from drying too slowly. If stucco does dry too slowly, it may have an uneven texture and colour.

It is common to build an enclosure around the stucco to keep the stucco warm and dry. This is done by using a heat source within the enclosure. Heaters are directed at the new stucco to keep it from freezing. This will allow it to cure properly.

Stucco Maintenance Before Winter

ECO-Max Construction is the expert in maintaining your stucco. We recommend having your stucco inspected before the winter begins. This will enable us to catch issues as they occur and also prevent costly repairs. Properly maintained stucco will last for a long time. It is an extremely durable material and stands up well to Calgary’s extreme weather changes. Stucco will also help to improve the energy efficiency in your home. This will help to lower your energy bills and to save you money! Call ECO-Max Construction today to get an estimate. Our owner-operated crew will give you an estimate and suggest the best course of action. We will also clean the job site every evening to ensure that your property is kept neat. ECO-Max Construction is the stucco repair contractor that Calgary trusts! Call today to book your estimate.

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