Are You Thinking About Painting Stucco?

Exterior painting is a great way to refresh the appearance of your home and boost its curb appeal. Many homes in Calgary have stucco exteriors and over time, the colour and appearance of stucco may begin to fade and deteriorate. ECO-Max Construction is the leading expert in all different types of exterior painting including stucco!

How to Prepare Stucco Before Painting

There are many factors that go into preparing stucco to be painted. If the stucco is brand new, it’s important to give the stucco time to fully cure before painting. The exterior painting experts at ECO-Max Construction will visit your home and will inspect the stucco to ensure that there are no surprises during the painting process. Our experts will help you to choose the perfect colour for your home and the best type of paint for the stucco. We will give you a free estimate on any stucco repair that may need to be done and for the exterior painting of your home.

How Do You Paint Stucco?

There are many different ways to paint stucco. It’s important to prep the stucco before the painting begins. We may wash the stucco to ensure that dirt and debris have been removed. We will help you to choose the best paint that will allow the stucco to retain its breathability, washability, and flexibility. There are many different types of paints that are perfect for stucco and will provide excellent first and water repellence. We are environmentally conscious and pride ourselves in being eco painters. Additionally, we will suggest and use paints that are more environmentally friendly.

Paint can either be sprayed on or rolled onto stucco. Spraying paint is much faster during the painting process. However, it requires a lot of prep time as we will have to cover windows, doors, and other areas so that the paint does not get on these surfaces. You may also need to roll on paint afterwards to ensure that all of the small little hills and valleys in the stucco are properly covered.

Finishing Touches

We pride ourselves in our clean worksites. Our painting crew will clean the site every evening. Our exterior painting contractors will inspect the worksite and will remove any debris from around your home. We will remove the tape and plastic that were used during the painting of your home. Contact ECO-Max Construction to get the best stucco paint job! We offer the exterior painting Calgary loves!

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